Newall Now Offers Replacement Scales for MillPwr tm CNC Controls

Now you can eliminate glass scale issues on your MillPwr CNC control system, with the reliability of Newall’s renowned Spherosyn linear encoder technology. Newall’s SHG-TC lin...

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Tackling Tough Demands Of Big Machining At T3 Energy
Tackling Tough Demands Of Big Machining At T3 Energy
Tackling Tough Demands Of Big Machining At T3 Energy


Preferred Industries was purchased by T3 Energy Systems in late 2002. T3 has approximately 25 locations in North America. The Houma, LA location employs approximately 110 people; they build and service blow-out preventers that are used on oilrigs both on land and offshore. Drilling companies are their major customers. Currently much of their work is going to Alaska and Russia .  

Mark Eschete, Purchasing/Maintenance Manager of T3 states “Productivity” is the most important aspect of running his facility. Using DRO’s play a very important role at T3 in order to maximize machine tool productivity on the shop floor. Newall DRO’s have been a very big part of T3's ability to maintain a high level of productivity on their machines. This is due to the shop environment where glass scales have not performed well in the past. “Negotiating the size parts we machine here can create big problems with glass scale DRO systems. Since we started using Newall, breakdowns have been reduced significantly, and the warranty is awesome. Also, the ease of installation of the Newall scales vs. other types of scales helps get us up and running quicker"  states Eschete.

T3 bought their first Newall system back in 1996 from Newall distributor Oliver Van Horn in Houma and currently have 19 systems in service throughout the plant. Some of the machinery used at T3 that have DRO’s include; milling machines, lathes, horizontal boring mills, vertical turret lathes and grinders. According to Mr. Eschete: “We are an all Newall DRO shop, no question, and would use nothing else."

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