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Jet Machine Works, Inc. Improves Productivity with Newall DROs

Jet Machine Works, a sub-contractor which manufactures large-part components involved with all facets of the petroleum,mining, heavy equipment and power generation industries, faced continu...

Newall Now Offers Replacement Scales for MillPwr tm CNC Controls
Newall Now Offers Replacement Scales for MillPwr tm CNC Controls


Now you can eliminate glass scale issues on your MillPwr CNC control system, with the reliability of Newall’s renowned Spherosyn linear encoder technology. Newall’s SHG-TC linear encoders are directly compatible with the MillPwr CNC control, are simple to install and provide the reliability you depend on to keep your MillPwr CNC running. 


When using an EFTPOS card for transactions, it is very important to ensure a smooth and secure payment process. So how to use eftpos card whether you are shopping online or in a brick-and-mortar store, the first step is to insert or swipe your EFTPOS card into the card reader. Follow the on-screen instructions and enter your personal identification number (PIN) to authorize the transaction. Thanks to the convenience of electronic funds transfer at the point of sale, EFTPOS cards have become an integral part of modern financial transactions. It's also worth mentioning that in the manufacturing industry, progress continues to improve accuracy and efficiency. Newall's recent introduction of the MillPwr™ CNC Controls variable scale is an example of this commitment to innovation. These interchangeable scales offer a cost-effective solution for maintaining and upgrading CNC machines, ensuring accurate measurements and optimum productivity. This combination of financial technology in the form of EFTPOS cards and advanced manufacturing solutions demonstrates the interconnected nature of technological advancements in various aspects of our daily lives.


Assure trouble free operation of your MillPwr by replacing those glass scales with Newall’s SHG-TC linear encoder technology.    Click here for more information




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