Defining Accuracy, Resolution & Repeatability

Defining Accuracy, Resolution & Repeatability ACCURACY IS NOT a simple subject. It's not enough to say that a particular scale is "extremely accurate" or "mor...

Newall Encoders are the choice of Italian CNC lathe manufacturer IMAC Tecnologie SRL.

IMAC Tecnologie is an established Italian engineering company, and for over twenty years has been working in the field of machine tools. The production site is located in Muggio near Milan.IMAC m...

Newall Launches DP1200 DRO
Newall Launches DP1200 DRO
Newall Launches DP1200 DRO

Continuing to build on its leadership position in digital readout systems, Newall Electronics announces the immediate release of its DP1200 DRO. The DP1200 is the only DRO of its kind to be specifically engineered to increase productivity for long travel machine tool applications such as boring mills, bridge mills, oil country lathes and vertical turret lathes. Featuring extra large, clean, crisp LEDs and a 3.5” color TFT screen, the DP1200 provides a wide viewing angle, an interactive interface and real-time tool path graphics with auto-zoom. An optional Data Sending Unit (DSU) is available which eliminates the need for extension cables and simplifies encoder and power cable routing. The DP1200 is available in 2, 3 or 4 axes with the forth axis capable of displaying either linear or rotary positional data. In addition, units that are purchased in a two or three axis configuration can be upgraded in the field to add a third or fourth axis. The DP1200 is available as a stand alone unit or can be configured to be panel mounted at no additional charge. Made of solid cast construction and hosting an extensive set of features, the new DRO can be customized for either turning or milling applications. Milling features include bolt hole circle routine, line hole routine, polar coordinate readings, and much more. Lathe features include tool offsets, taper calculations and vectoring. “The DP1200 is yet another Newall milestone for innovation. It is truly like no other DRO on the market today. We have painstakingly designed the DRO to meet the specific needs of the operator of larger travel machine tools. When combined with Newall’s inductive Spherosyn 2G and Microsyn 2G linear encoders, you have a DRO system that will increase productivity, provide highly accurate positioning data and withstand the most hostile shop environment,” said Danny Donaldson, Newall’s Sales and Marketing Director.

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